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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Officially a raw eater!

     Captain is officially a raw eater! He's come a long way, from starting by nibbling on boneless ground beef to devouring a meaty lamb breast bigger than his own head! The lamb breast bone took an hour for him to finish, and I didn't feed him much the next day to make up for his gorging. I'm so proud of him! In the last few weeks Captain has eaten buffalo tripe bone in ground chicken and beef, chicken gizzards and beef liver. Captain has chewed and eaten all or most of his lamb trotters, lamb femurs, lamb breast bones and beef chunks. Captain no longer looks at his food as if it is a puzzle he is too lazy to solve, instead he excitedly chews, pulls, drags and chews some more. Good boy, Captain!

To the left:
A meal for Captain-chicken necks and the last the of spinach and berries. He chewed and chomped like a champ!
In my neck of the woods....
I'm looking forward to some humane charity events sponsored by the local humane society including the Cedar Bend Humane Society Furry 5k and the Cedar Valley Humane Society Woof Walk.

     Today Bugsy and I went for a jog! We are planning to participate in the Furry 5K and while Bugsy is a pro at high speed foot work, I on the other hand have my work cut out for me. 3 cheers to setting goals and working towards them!! Woof !Woof! Horay! I have been stepping up my personal routine this week, and planned to begin my jogging when the new running shoes arrived. Today, the shoes arrived( I love them!!!). Along with the shoes I ordered a Skijor harness which I am super excited about. The plan was to have Bugsy wear the new harness when we run so he can give me an extra boost, and because I know he longs to go much faster than I am physically capable of! 

     I should back up,...Skijoring is the sport of skiing while attached to your dog who, wearing a harness, pulls you along. I recently read an article in BARK magazine about Dryland Mushing which follows the same principle, but in this case you are running on dry land not skiing threw snow. Upon receipt of the skijoring harness I realized in my haste and excitement I had overlooked some not so minor details. The harness does not provide the control it requires for us to navigate a narrow path with traffic, such as the bike/nature trail on a busy day, or the Furry 5k. I also will need some more equipment, BUT hey, this turn of events means that running with Bugsy may just be a regular part of our future, and less likely a passing single event with the Furry 5k. 

     After today, running on the trail together, Bugsy and I are both excited. Bugsy was so clearly thrilled to get one on one time outside, moving fast. He had a look of pride to him as we made our way home. So did I! Bugsy ran right beside me the whole time, keeping pace with me and never darting off. A passing walker even commented as she strolled by "What a good dog!". That's when the look of pride grew onto my face.

     On a good night, if you peaked into my window, you might see me running circles around my living room, playing tug of war with the dogs, dancing and singing to this song................sing it with me!
"I hope you could hear all the screams from the forest, all the ghosts in the trees and the love of a dog"

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