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Sunday, June 16, 2013

a dog for everything

Despite the wet weather and many cloudy days the garden is growing. I'm eating home grown lettuce, herbs, radishes green onions and much more soon to come. Miles has become a wonderful garden companion and has developed his own hobby of attacking dirt clods. I keep a stick of string cheese in my pocket and bite off little pieces for him when he's doing something I like, usually the behavior I reward is sitting quietly not on a crop.

Comet, Wonder Dog and I are really enjoying flayball practice. Participating in a tournament is still a long way off, but we are having fun getting there. Comet brings his bouncy, fuzzy happy go lucky energy every practice and I love being silly with him. I'm really enjoying getting myself back into a training mind set. Wonder Dog has been very reluctant to pick up and bring back a tennis ball, which is a big part of the whole flyball thing! This road block has helped me to work on my timing, which I'll admit can be down right dismal. Having a challenge is a good thing! I only wish I had more free time to spend tackling the task! I was hoping to find more free time this summer then last, but that is just not the case.

Camping, hiking Bugsy.
Bugsy and Miles had a blast camping and hiking with Micheal and I. Miles stayed reliably close off leash and was allowed to free roam during any hiking that was not near a cliff, road or horse (equestrian trails area also offered at the park). Bugsy, who visited yellow river with me for the 3rd year, also moved up to off leash under those same hiking rules. Miles, a scared puppy who runs to Michael and I if ever a surprise comes his way, is a much different thing than grown up, speedy, curious Bugsy being off leash! He did so great! I am so proud of him.When a coyote called out in the woods Bugsy took off after it, but I only had to be worried a few moments, then back he came, proud of protecting us. I was just beaming with happiness watching him enjoy the privilege. 4 years ago I took him to yellow river and couldn't let him off leash for a second. I regretted taking him because he pulled the entire weekend and was very reactive to horses, people and other dogs we encountered. Last year I trusted him enough to let him off leash, while wearing a bell, in the camp site area after a full day of hiking on leash. This year, after hiking into our site I put a bell on him(and Miles) and we hiked around for hours off leash. He would run ahead and then stop and look back at me, sometimes I would just tell him "good boy", other times I would call him back to me and love him up. While hiking we saw a 6ft long black rat snake sun bathing on log. I stood and watched it for some time, it looked like a stick and I felt so lucky to have spotted it.

Captain has begun to abuse his off leash privileges at the farm. Once recently he ran off and almost went into the horse pasture. One of the horses in that pasture does his best to chase down and stomp dogs that intrude in "his" pasture and Captain is reduced to leashed walk privileges for a little while. What can I say, the dog just has too much fun! He doesn't seem to mind the change and spends plenty of time chewing bones in the yard or soaking in the dog pool. Recently he even visited the birthday party of one of my clients! He wore a little tie attached to his collar and lots of the folks at the party gave him bits of pizza crust and lots of love. My clients from the group home each took turns petting and holding him and then I took him around to all their friends at the party asking each if they would like to pet or hold Captain. Captain was perfectly well behaved and let all the different people pet or hold him in their different ways. The whole experience was very rewarding, I hope not just for Captain and I either!

fish and beef with dried kale, kelp and a drizzle of coconut oil
Oh, I must be forgetting so many adventures we have had lately. There is so much information to share, like today I fed fish fillets and ground beef with kelp powder, dried kale and coconut oil. But, after a long long day and another early morning upcoming, I'm throwing in the towel! Please enjoy some pictures from our camping trip!

Oh! And check out Buckaroo! He is now listed on Protege Canine Rescues available dogs page!

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