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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

dinner plans

In the above doggy dinner there is baby bok choy (greens), pureed pear, and ground beef.
The ground beef I buy in bulk and thaw out portions at a time in the fridge. The pureed pear, (oh they loved that!) was left over from making pear jam earlier this year. The pear had already been mashed, but we had to much for our recipe and not enough for a second batch so we set it aside . The top had turned brown and was unappealing to us picky humans. So I bagged it, froze it and now here it is as dog food. The baby bok choy is a green from the salad mix that I am still (STILL! whoop whoop!) harvesting from the organic garden. I finely chop the greens and put on top of the beef and pear so it is sure to be eaten.

poop can
In the yard I use a small manure rake to do the pick up and put the poo in the can. When the poop can is getting full I take it to the farm and it gets mixed in with cow and horse manure that is later spread on corn and bean fields. I do not use dog poo as compost for the organic garden because carnivore poo is not recommended for use on vegetables for food safety reasons.
Don't have any bean fields near by? Here is an interesting solution to the pet waste problem! Check out the Doggy Dooley!

Bugsy modeling for me as I practice using a new camera

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