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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


     I've been wanting to tell you all that I was fostering a little female terrier mix, but I couldn't because I was wanting to first decide weather or not to adopt her and add her to the pack! I've been wanting a terrier. I have missed having a busy sassy little, eh ehm, bitch, around the house. Losing Ginger all that time ago, left a soft spot in my heart. Then Matilda came and went. When Protege heard that I was keeping an eye out for the right terrier they let me foster this sweet Jack Russel Terrier/ Basenji mix to see if she was the right match for me. She is younger then what I thought I was looking for, and a little bigger. She has some great high jumps just like a JRT and she is very smart and has a thoughtful look to her, like a Basenji. After her spending time with the pack we have unanimously decided she's a keeper! I have named her Wonder Dog! (Wonder for short) And I have decked her out in red white and blue starred collar reminiscent of wonder woman. (If you see any wonder woman dog collars out there you better send me the link!) Wonder has swept the whole pack off their feet! Even Bugsy is smitten with her. They play and wrestle and chase a ball together. Captain is enthusiastic and rough with her, I think he is pleased to have a playmate more his size. Comet and Wonder romp wrestle-mania style as often as they can.

     Ms. Wonder is a counter surfer, so we have that to work on. Also she needs a good foundation built on the basics like "off" "back up" "paws up" and a good recall. First things first though, we are working on recognizing her new name, and polilte door manners. Both of which she is catching on to with lightening speed. After being asked to sit, lured into the position with a treat and then rewarded for sitting a time or two Wonder now sits at the door and waits after being leashed up. She has even begun readily waiting for my release command, as the door is opened all the way. Good girl!

     It's a constant chore to beat the heat around here. I'm walking the dogs early in the morning, or late in the evening. Captain has become a pro at jumping in and cooling off in our new pool. When the hose is hooked up, he digs at the water and chases it around. It's adorable. Bugsy hasn't been enjoying running with me lately and I don't blame him. If I had to run in a coat in this weather I would want to quit too. Comet, poor guy, is full of energy and then gets outside and over heats so quickly, I keep a close eye on him. Wonder on the other hand, ran 3 miles with me last night and was ready for more! After our run I misted her with a spray bottle and gave her water to drink, but if there was a sign over her head in that moment I think it would have said, "What are you stopping for? LETS KEEP GOING! WHA_WHOO!"

    I started my new position at the Macbride Raptor Project last week! Oh geez, it has been a lot of fun! I'm learning a lot and enjoying meeting and getting to know the people of the Raptor Center and Macbride Recreation Area. Of course, the best part of all, is getting to know the raptors. I have helped hand feed two injured birds so far, a barred owl and a red tailed hawk. Today I did cage maintenance for several of the raptors, cleaning feathers, feces and lunch leftovers (A.K.A. rat and mouse guts) out of the cages. It was no easy task, the temperature soaring through the 90's, but it is just so awesome to be in the same space with a wild bird like an bald eagle or barred owl. I don't mind picking up mouse skulls one bit believe it or not! Tomorrow I get to handle and present my first bird for an educational program, an eastern screech owl. I am very excited. Also, I'm eager to get through this first and learn from any mistakes I may make.
In case you aren't familiar with the adorable and wild screech owls check out this video!


  1. Wonder looks like a beautiful dog. Congrats!

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  2. btw- I'm sure by 'bitch' you mean 'female dog.'


  3. Yes, I did mean female dog. I was just being a little silly and sassy. She has been spayed, so she is not "intact". More about her history and attitude soon!