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Thursday, July 12, 2012

walk on

A video about a breed of dog I don't see very often, the Basenji. 

     This week Captain decided kongs are so valuable he should begin burying them in the yard! Of all the dogs to dig and bury  treasure in the yard, my guess would not have been for Captain to begin this habit! So far, he is keeping his dirt digging activities to the confined space of what was long ago a flower garden. This triangular space in the yard just next to the deck is free for doggy digging. Bugsy likes to dig up fresh cool dirt there and lay in it on a hot day. Harry used to do the same thing. 

     While hiking this week I saw a De Kays snake that was none to happy to see me. And Bugsy, Comet and I saw a badger, of all things, cross the road in front of us during a walk! 

     Oh the adventures continue.....more to come soon. Now, I have to get back to work, reseaching birds of prey, like this Red-Tailed Hawk!


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