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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dingle Berries

Dingle Berries

Nothing is worse then relaxing after a good house cleaning to realize that your dog brought a little poo back inside with him. Poor Captain, he ran inside and went right to the corner and sat, sat right in what he brought in with him. He couldn't have helped it really. The snow was piling up out there, and when he curved his rump to do his business the "bloomers" (a.k.a. his butt fur) must have splayed out behind him neatly and caught all his droppings. His droppings having been the remnants of a meal heavy in veggies was a little softer than usual and so stuck to his bloomers which he then rushed inside and sat on, smooshing the problem further into his fur. Discovering the smoosh face had stink butt I sent him back outside to ensure all his business had been done, while I set up for a bath.

Later that night, 
      Captains luck changed...
                   I gave him his special 
     birthday biscuit from 
     Three Dog Bakery.

tee hee hee.
He couldn't believe his round little eyes. For someone who "dogs" her readers about science blog in and blog out, you might think I would forgo the silliness of a birthday biscuit with frosting that is made to look like chocolate. But no, science dork though I am, silly and fun go hand in hand with anything dog. I just couldn't resist. In the end I smashed the biscuit into pieces and all the dogs each got a good chunk. As you can see from the pictures Captain had plenty of biscuit to share!

Here are a few other biscuits I picked up in Omaha.  
They are cute and the dogs loved them, but the icing(I think) ran a number on Bugsy's stomach and
 soon I was giving another bath due to dingle berries. 

The humidity in the bathroom fogged up the camera lens.

It really seems a silly time to give a bath. Both days the bathes were given the snow was falling and the temperature dropping. I don't have any sort of dryer that I use on the dogs so they just dry slowly over time. As spring approaches the snow will turn to muck and we will all hold out hope that green grass will grow, flowers will bloom and gardens will blossom bringing us fresh food. Gosh, all that sure seems far away as I sit here next to a window boasting only gray skies and trees with bare branches reaching up, up. I see them as if they are throwing their branchy hands up in impatience with a sping that last year sprung much earlier than this..

BUSTED! busted cuddling, Comet is beginning to accept Miles.

In other news the "winter games" continue as I attempt to think outside the box for different ways to get the wiggles out of the dogs. There was a little while there when I was letting the daily walks slip, and it began to come back to bite me. Miles set off annoyance snark barks from Bugsy and Comet. Wonder, bullying the cats and being ever more territorial with the other dogs. Here is a list of some activities we have been doing in addition to the biscuit hiding in the snow I showed you in the "winter games" post......

1. Running off leash or on long leash in the farm fields and sniffing around the barns.
2. Impromptu agility in the park! A long time favorite of mine, I use the same principles used in agility to train a dog to jump over or onto something. I've got most of the dog crew sliding down slides, jumping over swings, walking on the top levels of bleachers, and in our newest adventure Comet, Bugsy and I climbed  through a large plastic playground tunnel system(like the kind you would see at a McDonalds).
3. Trick Training. I'm always putting this on the back burner for no good reason at all. It's fun and builds a better relationship between human and dog. 
4. Hiking or "slogging" as I am now calling it as I trudge through ankle deep slush in the rain.
5. Shopping trips that involve little or no shopping. Example I took Bugsy for a car ride in town while I ran errands, to change things up we took short "city walks" around town at each of my stops and also visited the local pet friendly pet supply stores for a sniff about and some obedience training. In this case we went to both Petco and Petsmart, and bought nothing as I have no problem using their facility without buying a darn thing.
Bugsy and I
One of this weeks meals...
Duck neck, beef lung, banana, butternut squash, fennel seeds and dried basil.

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