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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

winter games

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The snow just keeps falling. Snow storm after snow storm making me dub March as "in like a lion", and with luck will be out "like a lamb" as they say. We are all going stir crazy. I'm craving sunshine and a good run, but the roads and trails are icy and just walking or hiking on them can be treacherous. For now I will have to settle with the occasional dash through the deep snow in my heavy snow boots. Last year at this time creeks were flowing, sun was shining and I was road running. Alas, as you can see from this video there is no shortage of snow. This is one of my latest efforts to thwart cabin fever. I hide biscuits in the snow! Lots of little pieces of biscuits hidden in snow piles, under bushes, everywhere there isn't yellow snow, then I send out the hounds! All the dogs enjoy this! They are digging, sniffing, and exploring around for up to 30 minutes! Poor Captain, I see all the others using there noses to poke around and turn up the biscuits from the snow. Captains short, smushed face puts him at a disadvantage.

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