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Monday, August 12, 2013

these wet dogs are not for sale


Purr-C Cat
Sometimes I feel like life is dragging me around by the hair and I can save energy by not kicking and screaming. Other times I get to walk lakeside with my dogs and am joined by juvenile eagles in the airspace above us. You just never know what life is going to throw your way or how long it will stay. Today I am reminded of the short time our four legged friends are with us. A family of friends, including two young boys, had to saw goodbye to their dog Rusty. My condolences go out to the family and I hug mine a little closer tonight. Also I am thankful that I spend my most recent weekend past basking in the joy of my 1 year anniversary with Michael. I promise not to gush, but gee whiz it sure was a nice relaxing weekend. One of the places we went was the National Mississippi Museum and Aquarium. Now on display is a wide variety of turtles and tortoises. In addition to the turtles there was aquariums of ocean and river fish as well as archeological and historical treasures, many interactive displays and other live animals including raptors! I recommend it if you are in the Dubuque, Iowa area. Dinner at The Pepper Sprout, also in Dubuque, was delicious. Order the baked brie with fruit salsa appetizer, it is divine. 

Again,I am hitting the ground running at work. I have begun a training program for the two American Kestrels that came into the clinic with human imprint and malnutrition injuries. After attempting to read about 100 different books about training wild animals and getting about 10% through each of them in fits and starts over the last year, I decided jumping in at the bird-perfect opportunity was my best option. Being lowest on the totem poll at work leaves all my decisions up for debate and sometimes my decree over ridden. 
But none-the-less my coworkers are supportive and I am determined.
Wet dogs.

Miles has been pushing the limits of his water curiosity and recently jumped in a lake! No, he jumped in two lakes! In the previous post there is a video of Miles and Bugsy at Lake MacBride, after that video was taken he eventually did jump into the water, but was still very shy about the wake from boats moving past. Then, after a hike with Comet, Miles watched Comet jump for joy off a dock into a lake and joined in. 
Just a reminder, don't shop....think first to adopt! 


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