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Monday, March 19, 2012

          Captain may as well have lived here all his life. He has settled in so well! I just have to share the joy of adopting an adult dog! So may folks shy away from this, as if with out puppy bonding, we cannot truly connect with our dogs. So not true, dogs are such adaptable creatures. Of course many dogs take more time than Captain to settle in, but even so, a transition period is inevitably shorter than puppy hood and , depending on the age of the adult dog you choose, involves a lot less chewing!

    Captain and Comet are the most adorable playmates! Captain spinning around and launching himself onto and under things during play. Comet swishing his head around like he is rocking out to 80's hair metal, fur flying. Bugsy is even playing with Captain already! I have seen the two of them (appropriately) tug together on a toy on 2 occasions now.One, then the other, victoriously squeaking the toy. Oh joy!

Did you know there is a live action Lady and the Tramp? 

Thinking about adopting an adult dog? Maybe you should consider adopting from Detroit......
A story in Rolling Stone magazine describes the ongoing situation in Detroit and what a few unlikely dog rescuers are trying to do to make things right.


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