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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Delightful!

     The weather around here has been delightful. The winds of change have blown 70 degree weather our way in March! Iowa is having record breaking high temperatures and people are out in their yards beginning spring yard work. Neighbors I haven't seen all winter are coming out for a walk with their dog, giving the boys something new to bark at. The grass in the yard is attempting a come back, and the windows have been thrown open to let in the breeze. Is spring really here? This early????  I don't know but I'm putting out the welcome mat for it to roll on in.

     This week I was pleased to be led to the first film starring a dog. "Rescued by Rover" a 1905 black and white picture starring a collie named Blair. I think this proximately 6 minute film is just great!

Did you love it? Oh that lovable Rover! That darn flirty nanny!

Okay, on with the big news! After much searching, I have found the newest addition to the pack! 
Salute, Captain! 
Here is Captain at his post on the picnic table.
     Captain is a 4-5 year old Pekingese dog! He is larger than the average "peke" at 20 pounds. I adopted him from the wonderful people at Peke N Chin Rescue Midwest who fostered him after he was found wondering a parking lot and never reclaimed. Captain is settling in well, he ignores the cats, and is very appropriate with Comet and Bugsy. He is even potty trained! Captain has learned quickly that sitting at the door and waiting politely gets him a treat and then let outside. Captain was shaved a few months ago, so we will see what kind of coat he turns up with and how much grooming I am in for! I am looking forward to seeing just how handsome he can be!

     The first 2 nights Captain slept quietly in his crate. By night three I was so impressed with his behavior that I let him sleep in the bed(Comet and Bugsy too). Captain kept my feet warm all night. His transition from kibble to raw is going smoothly so far, no runny poo, no lack of appetite.
For his first meal he ate the kibble he had been eating. Then the next meal I mixed the kibble with lightly boiled ground beef, fish oil, potatoes, kale and carrots. After two meals of this, I mixed the boiled meat mix with raw ground beef for two meals, then added beef heart chunks(still w/ a little kibble). Now he is eating raw meat mixed still with a teaspoon of kibble. Last night he picked out one of the pieces of beef heart and did not eat it (Bugsy helped him out) then this evening I added chunks of raw chicken and he picked one out again (Bugsy is still happy to help show him the way).

     Today he had his first raw meaty bone, a small marrow cut from the grocery store. He LOVED it. He jumped up and grabbed it out of my hand! I was so surprised! I think he was to, because once it was in his mouth he just stood there looking up at me. I gently took it back and then we tried again, more politely.

     Pekingese dogs have a very interesting history, including folk lore that they are the offspring of a lion who fell in love with a monkey!  Captain is already showing he is a brave soldier, barking at any invaders. I wish Comet and Bugsy would tell him that Chevy, the neighbors Labrador, is not an invader.

     Captain has been an easy going companion while I work in the greenhouse. He lays near my feet and chews a bone or naps while I plant and transplant. Afterward, we take a walk around the farm. Captain sniffs the smells, pees on posts and tires, then investigates Haley, my parents farm dog. Just when he thought the fun was over, my mom brought out one of her horses. Captain huffed, sniffed and barked at this giant creature. The well behaved horse was none to concerned.

    Captain met Matilda and Matilda ran circles around him. She bounced high in the air and raced around the room while Captain chose to rest on the couch. I think they will get along just fine. I look forward to seeing the two of them play together should Captain decide not to nap through her next visit.

     Here is a photo set of Captain playing with Comet. The two of them have hit it off straight away (Oh, Comet you are so adaptable!) . In this first picture, Captain is pulling one is his fancy helicopter moves where he spins himself around in the air. It is pretty amazing.   :)

 Oh the cuteness!

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