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Sunday, March 25, 2012


     Science and dog lovers are going to want to add The Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum to your list of places to visit.  All the way in London the museum is a LONG way from home for me.  Someday....someday. The visit is a big lure because of the amazing exhibit featuring 837 preserved animal species including 80 domestic dogs. This article, about the origins of the Pekingese, has some enlightening photos taken at the museum of the domestic dog display.

     Not going to make it to London (dream big!)? Check out this fun and factual dog blog "Dog Spies". You are going to love the first photo in her latest blog post "H*mping" which is a great snap of a dog humping a cats head.

A picture of Frida, the super amazing rock climbing dog.
OH! Have you heard about the many dogs who have become ill or died because of bad chicken treats? See this story about Wagon Train treats.

This is Captains new favorite meal.
Ground chicken, potatoes, zucchini, kale, tomatoes, sea meal and fish oil. 
 So far Captain is refusing to rip and tear apart large pieces of meat. For example a chicken thigh, or chunk of beef heart he will lift or knock out of his bowl. So we are still adjusting to the new diet. The ripping and tearing that comes with larger pieces of meat is so good for the teeth! Captain has so many little tiny teeth crammed into that little mouth of his. In order to keep Captain and his tiny teeth healthy, hopefully we can graduate him to ripping and shredding soon.

Just look at those pearly whites
Comet saw the vet today, and just in the nick of time. Last night he was keeping me up with his head shaking, a sure sign he has an ear infection. Because he has a history of ear infections, I clean out his ears once a week, but now and again he still gets an infection. Also, Comet has been chewing on one of his paws and it is red and irritated. Turns out it is also a minor infection. So the poor guy has to have special drops in each ear and some in his paw which then has to be wrapped.Also, once a day a vinegar foot bath for his sore paw. Other than that a clean bill of health! The vet gave us a special ear wash which he hopes will be better than our current product and prevent future infections, also Comets meal portions will be increasing since he was lost weight since his last vet visit. What can I say, the dog is all fur!

From the front yard flower garden!

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