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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drumroll Please!

Big News!
Okay, about 10lbs of news is more like it.

Meet Matilda! 

Matilda is a 5 month old Boston Terrier full of snores, snorts and wiggles. We welcomed her into our home a week ago and our hearts are all the more full for it.  Months ago we began our search for the perfect addition and let me say we have learned a lot. From reading books about the breed to phone calls, applications, interviews and emails to rescues, shelters, breeders and owners.This has been a journey and we are pleased with the outcome. Little Matilda is adjusting just fine, her new hobbies include chewing, napping, snuggling, snorting, tug of war and watching TV. Yes, last night cuddled on the couch with us she sat up and watched the TV. I've never seen a dog watch so intently.

Another thing about Matilda, she is NOT fond of the snow. Most of this Iowa winter has been mild, nearly reaching 60 degrees in early January.  Now, the week Matilda settles in with us, we have been ushered into the Iowa January norm. The snow is falling now and piling above little Matildas head. Comet and Bugsy are thrilled at the weather and they look at Matilda prancing toward the door to inside and I very anthropomorphically imagine them thinking she is a real wimp.
Matilda is asleep on my lap as I type all this. She is snoring.  :)
Here is Matilda with her first raw bone.
 As you might imagine the whole freezing weather and snow thing is really putting a damper on potty training. Boston Terriers are not the hearty cold weather tolerant dogs my boys, Bugsy Harry and Comet are. I am now doing things I would 'poo poo' other dogs owners for. So, I'll just lay it all out. Matilda has a sweater,.....and a waterproof, fleece lined winter coat. In my defense it is really cold and maybe the boys are right, maybe she is just a bit wimpy. But soooooo cute!

Bugsy and Comet are loving the weather. Craig shoveled the snow from the driveway into a pile in the yard and Comet dug and rolled in it over and over. Nothing beats the pure joy of a snow loving dog after the first big snow.  Here's a few shots of the boys out enjoying the snow, unforuntaly the "pure joy" will have to remain in my memory because those photos came out all blurry due to Comets erratic and fast movements.

Harry is none to thrilled with the return of winter. He prefers the couch to the snow drifts.

Here is Craigs photo of Matilda
More info soon to come about Matilda and how we are tackling potty training,what we have done to puppy proof the house as well as how we are setting all the animals up for the best possible likelihood of enjoying each others company.

Here is a video of a dog meeting cows. This was sent to me from a Facebook friend and I just had to pass it on. :)


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