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Monday, January 9, 2012

A taste of blood

I have never owned a ferret, so I didn't know they are carnivores! This website with information about raw feeding by the author of "Work Wonders" and "Raw Meaty Bones" has a great picture of a ferret digging into a meaty morsel of food as part of the page header. I love it.

Bugsy and Harry enjoying a meal of beef trachea.

The taste of blood.
At a family get together over the weekend I was warned of the dangers of feeding animals raw meat. That it "makes them turn" and "gives them the taste of blood" which will make them fight and attack livestock and other animals. If you are a raw feeder you know these myths are out there. The people who believe them may do so with the best of intentions but are never the less wrong. This myth is one of the reasons for the blog. All my boys have been eating raw for years, and Comet was raised on raw. I promise, I'll let you know if Comet takes down any cattle, or sheep. And if I suddenly stop writing this blog, do check your local papers for a story about me being eaten alive by my dogs. But if I do keep going and my dogs keep doing well with shiny coats, healthy teeth and gums please do consider it evidence against the taste of blood myth.

Speaking of myths "Beyond the Myth" is a movie about breed specific legislation, and the myth that all pit-bulls are dangerous fighting dogs.  Here is a link to the Beyond the Myth website, check out the movie trailer and screening locations.

In other dog related adventures this week,....
      .....While driving home I spotted a golden retriever having a sniff in the ditch very near a busy road where drivers are going 55mph. I slowed my car and looked around for his people. When I didn't see anybody I pulled over and waited for the traffic to subside, holding my breath that the dog wouldn't run over to greet me in the way of an oncoming car. I stood at the side of the road my arm pointed at the dog so if a driver came by he wouldn't just focus on why the heck this crazy lady was standing by the road, but following the lead of my pointed hand might see the dog and avoid hitting it. After the traffic subsided the dog crossed the street to me and approached cautiously, then laid on the ground. I petted him beneath his neck after letting him sniff me. No tags! I gently took hold of this collar, praised him for being a good boy and led him to my car thinking "oh great, now I've got to bring him into animal control when he probably lives here in this neighborhood! No tags! Humpf!"  Luckily for both the dog and I a big suburban drove up and a man in a sweater and slacks came out with a leash and an apologetic face. " I just had surgery" he said. "I can't lift him into the car." I walked the dog by his leash and encouraged him into the vehicle. The golden jumped right in! Good boy!

Harry enjoying a snooze on a freshly made bed. People bed that is! 

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