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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In pursuit of car safety

     This months issue of National Geographic features the article The Cold Patrol about the worlds only military dog sled team. The photos are amazing. The cold looks tremendous, and the dogs, fearless. In most shots the dogs look very happy. A photo of a man outside in a winter storm hugging one of the many dogs, each chained to a small outside 'dog house' and each dog just out of reach of another, sends chills though my spine. I look over at my dogs, asleep on the sofa and I'm hard pressed to think these pack animals would be happy tied to a dog house on the frozen tundra. Again I am reminded each dog is an individual and as National Geographic shows us, these dogs appear as happy and satisfied in a snow storm as Harry does on my couch. Oh, dogs, you are amazing creatures.

     Here's the new set up for the boys while riding in the car. The car seat cover was a Christmas gift from mom and can be ordered from Duluth Trading company. It is sturdy and has zippers to pull the buckles through if need be. The boys are each wearing their lupine harness and the harness is clipped to a strap that has a buckle which simply buckles into the regular seat belt buckle in the car. Comet is not pleased with this situation. He is great in the car, and always lays quietly waiting to arrive at where ever we are going. I imagine him wondering what on earth all this extra fuss is about. However annoyed, Comet still rides quietly and politely in the car as usual.

Bugsy on the other hand seems to be happier and calmer in the car while restrained. Before being restrained he was constantly pacing as if on over drive. He would sometimes hop between seats, sniff different windows and stand on that spot between the driver and passenger seat like he just had to have the perfect view of straight ahead. Bugsy still whines when he gets excited in the car but I am easily adjusting to the extra calm.

Bark magazine is hot on the heels of safety with an article in their latest issue about car riding canines. Also the latest cover dog is ADORABLE! My guess for this mutt, Corgi/Cattle Dog/German Shepard. Check out the magazine to see what I mean.

Comet at the dog park.

My cat has been chomping on the house plants. In an effort to fulfill his desires I have been attempting to keep some 'pet grass' in the house and adding it to the pets food now and again. I tried the Pet Greens Garden which is super duper easy. You just cut the top of the bag off, put in seeds(included) and add water. The only problem with the grass is how plentiful it is! I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and they can't eat this stuff fast enough. Most of the grass is going to go to waste. This is wheat grass, so I think buying a flat of wheat grass for human consumption so a person could make smoothies with it and share some with the pets would be a better solution for this household.

My kitchen window plants.

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