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Friday, January 6, 2012

Always learning

Wow. Why haven't I read this book before? Somehow I missed it until now. This is a great book for those of you beginning or considering the raw food adventure with your pets. Work Wonders by Tom Lonsdale will soon be added to the reading list at the bottom of the blog page.

In other news, ground ostrich is a new meat arriving in the bowl of my boys this week. The cats L-O-V-E it, the dogs,...well, are less than enthusiastic. In all my time with Bugsy I have NEVER seen him nibble a meal. Bugsy is a gulper, he eats so fast it is scary. Feeding him big chunks of meat helps slow him down. Anything small is in him quicker than can you say woof. But, when I fed him a meal of predominately ground ostrich this morning, he ever so delicately licked out the pieces of carrot and banana from the bowl, then looked around at the other dogs eating. Granted, the other two were eating slowly as well. For a second I thought I had fed them rotten meat without realizing it. No, No, I did not feed them something spoiled.I checked. I think the only thing spoiled rotten in the kitchen this morning was the dogs! hardy har har. In the end they ate the ostrich, but I think I will save it for the cats in the future.

Neato slide show of Boston Terriers from 1870-1970

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