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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another day

The house seems so quiet. 

     It's been a long time since I've lived with just two cats and two dogs. The house seems so quiet and everyone's needs are met with time to spare. Last night I broke my pizza crust into 3 pieces, to then look down at only 2 dogs drooling over my 3 crusts. Harry is gone and it hurts me that we will never walk together again. While my hurt is still alive it is dulled by an acceptance that washes over me more each day. I have a feeling that all is right. Harry suffers no more and a tension that was weighing me down has been taken away. Harry, his memory, lives on and is cherished. Each time I have lost a dog, upon the day or days immediately following I have felt a weary, sorrowful pain that draws this thought to my mind......."This is to much, I want not to feel this sorrow again, no more dogs will come into this house. No more dogs." Then, as time marches on, this feeling becomes so clearly ludicrous. Now my heart swells to know that Harry has left an open spot for some new homeless wanderer to come in, someday, to warm my heart and warm the spot left empty on the couch.
Marilda, trying to get Bugsy to play with her.
       Matilda is still coming over to play. Craig has become a much appreciated dog sitter during my overnight shifts and Matilda stays over with him and the boys. When I come home from work in the morning she is here and we can cuddle and nap and play and play some more. Matilda's potty training is coming along well and she is making leaps and strides with the boys. Bugsy has played with her on 2 occasions now! Comet, is still very patient and playful with her. Matilda, is growing in confidence and has moved from the outer circle, where she would bark at the boys while they play, to dashing in and out and sometimes outright jumping into the middle of the teeth wrestling between Comet and Bugsy. Clearly, her confidence is growing.

Here is some pictures of the 3 of them playing together.

After a rousing bit of play all 3 relax in close proximity of each other. This shows me that they are bonding. Bugsy could have easily gotten up and walked away, but instead laid near Matilda. Maybe, just maybe she's becoming a friend of his after all.    

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