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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cheer Up Buttercup....

On the home front......
     It's muddy as Iowa in April around here. But this is Iowa in February. Humbug. Bugsy and Comet have settled into a new routine with me and have stopped looking for Craig's car to come driving in at its usual times. My overnight shifts(I work 2pm to 9am shifts at least once or more a week, getting paid to sleep makes it worth my while) at work have me looking at my options,.....keep my mom on dog sitting duty? Or pay somebody to come to the house? Bugsy and Comet can settle in to being left overnight without me pretty easily so long as someone comes once at night to let them out and I head home first thing in the morning. Harry is another story, he needs to be let out to pee often and his panting and odd breathing last night had me tense with worry. Will we really battle this longer than the vet anticipated as I blogged hopefully yesterday? Or will we give in sooner than later to ensure he is not in pain? To ensure that he is not suffering....  I am watching him vigilantly, searching for answers in his face and body language. Today when I wanted to groom him the first gentle touch of my hand made him wince, reminding me of his delicacy.  Then later he wanted to keep on walking on our walk longer than anticipated, and kept on when I stopped. He looked back at me like "What, you want to stop now? This is just getting good!". At meal times he acts like a young dog again, if only for a few moments, doing little old man jumps as I walk to pick up his bowl from the counter and set it down to him. I'm doing my best to look at the positives. I have the power to keep him from being in long term pain. I have the knowledge that his body is fighting a disease that is devastating. I have the power to research holistic methods to help is body fight this, and to help his body be comfortable and pain free. I have the ability to take him out of pain and suffering if I must. I have the priveledge of knowing that I am doing all I can. I have had the luxury of spending years with a dog I love, who has taught me many lessons about dogs and about life. I am so lucky he has been with me on this journey, he has done a great job being not just my dog, my travel companion and my teacher, but being my very first dog that was all my own. Good boy, Harry. Good boy.

 Okay, so lets try to think positive, happy thoughts.....

A few of my favorite things.....
This buff is a dog walking must. I love love love it. It is cozy and cute and keeps my neck warm on long cold dog walks, it also can cover my head if I forgot my hat, or go under my hat for an extra layer if the wind is blowing.
Crypton Dog beds! I bought one for Harry so he could stay comfy without having to jump on the furniture, then I bought another one, and I'm gonna buy another one. I can tell the dogs love them because they are often choosing the beds over the furniture! Plus they look great and are easy to clean.
The suitcase bed, you saw it in the first pictures of Matilda is such a great craft idea. Didn't she look super cute in it?
Whole whiting fish from MPC. They are so easy to feed!

This video is great. If this doesn't make you smile nothing will! 

     I'm still missing Matilda. I heard today she is on day 3 of no accidents in her new house! Good girl! Go 'Tilda! Bugsy, doesn't miss her at all. With time, he might have come around to her, but when she came near to him he walked the other way(yes literally). When she tried to tug on a toy he had in his mouth, play bowed and tried to get him to play with her, Bugsy dropped the toy and ignored her completely. If Matilda bumped into him, climbed on him, or just annoyed him too much he would make this evil snarling face at her that said "You better get away from me!" and she would. So, I'm sure Bugsy is pleased with her absence. Like I said, I still miss her. But I'm consoling myself with the wonderful care I am taking of the pets I do have......and maybe doing a little dreaming of the puppy I will have someday......What might it be?
 A Corgi???? Border Collie? or maybe a Newfoundland?
An English Shepard? Wire haired terrier? or how about a Jack Russel?
Cairn Terriers are so cute! Brussels Griffins are to die for with those little mustache faces!
Or try a Boston Terrier again?
A pure bred Great Pyrenees! Maybe another Aussie!
A handsome Tibetan Mastiff! A Bernese Mountain dog! A cattle dog!??!?!!!?!?!
Oh! What about a good ole one of a kind mutt?!?!?! 
Oh the possibilities.

For now I will love every moment with the pets I have and feel humbled by the knowledge that their time with us is so small but their impact on us so very large.

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