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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let it snow!

Enjoying the fresh snow in the yard

     The recent snowfall has been much appreciated around here. It's not even spring yet, and I'm sick of mud. Mud has its place. In the garden I often find a good laugh in it, but all over my yard, the dog park, the dogs paws.....It gets old fast. So long as my dogs have fur, and I've got boots and a warm coat I say the snow can stay(until actual spring).
Snow day in the yard. Woof!

     Speaking of gardens, the green house is officially open. I've planted a few edible greens, and some experiments. Flowers mostly. Tomorrow I will plant more, and every week until the green house is full and too hot to hang out in. Each morning Comet, Bugsy and I drive to the farm to water the green house, check the progress of the plants and go for a walk around the farm. We walk through the grassy field where Harry is buried. We walk though an empty barn and the boys sniff hale bales where mice have likely been snuggling. We walk near the edge of the horse pasture and the boys get a whiff of the manure they wish they were rolling in. We cut through an old cattle lot that is now used for storage and found a dead raccoon. The dogs were thrilled! Luckily, they were both leashed so, as with the horse poo, I was able to keep them from rolling in it. I would love to let them run free, but as Comet has gotten older his wander lust has only increased. Bugsy, who has very good recall, and generally wants to be around me more then anything, has a difficult time with recall on the farm. He yearns to herd the livestock, and he will fence run with the neighbor dogs until I come and snatch him up. It's a terrible sight, him running the fence over and over again, drool dripping, mouth open panting wildly because, by the time I get there to stop him, he has run so fast and furiously that he looks as though he might collapse. The two dogs inside the fence take turns running it, and Bugsy still wins the race from side to side each time.
               I keep them on leash. If they are being well behaved I use the 15ft retractable leashes.

Comet running in the yard.
Ruff play in the yard
Oh geez. I love that ridiculous face.
 I've been running into lots of people asking questions about raw feeding lately. Also, talking to people who are having troubles with the kibble diets they are currently feeding. If you are thinking about feeding raw, I encourage you to take the leap! Remember, the reading list at the bottom of the page has some useful recommendations. My Pet Carnivore also has a good list of information sources on their website. Here's a few shots of what the pet crew has been eating this month.

Salmon dinner for Bugsy, Comet, Quimby and Purr-C.

 The meat scissors in the photo to the right are a great tool.They come in especially useful for the meals I make for Purr-C cat who refuses to gnaw on large chunks. 

 After a week of salmon, with an occasional veggie meal thrown in, I have now begun to feed lamb.
In the snow, Comet working on a chunk of lamb.
2 smoked beef rib bones. Not raw, but they dogs love them as a special treat.

A royal dog whose theft was punishable by death-

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