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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I miss Ms. Matilda Marie.        


Matilda sniffs Quimby cat
 The funny thing about the first picture of Matilda and Quimby is that be she appears to be sniffing Quimby's face. I was oblivious to the infection but clearly Ms. Matilda knew that Quimby was not alright. She is sniffing the exact spot where Quimby later had an abscess rupture and purge foul smelling puss, requiring a trip to the vet and a regime of antibiotics. Had I taken note of Quimby's face at the time this picture was taken, I may have been able to stop the infection before it got out of control and required a costly trip to the vet.

Cute as buttons!

'Tilda working on a lamb breast bone

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