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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doggy Christmas!

This week Comet and I spent our Saturday afternoon volunteering. Comet loves to do his therapy "work" with his 'clients'. For a special Christmas treat Comet wore a red and white fuzzy collar with jingles bells. He seemed to think this was annoying but tolerable. (Good boy!) Comets "work" mostly involves sitting or laying down and being petted but we also throw in a few tricks. Each time we go we spend some one on one time with each client, they feed him treats and he takes them gently. Then we show off some tricks like shake, roll-over and walk. Walk is a new trick we have been working on. 'Walk' means Comet walking upright on his back feet. So far he can do this for 4-8 seconds. Comet is comfortable around wheel chairs and walkers.  He is also very tolerant of sudden movements, and loud noises all musts for this kind of work. "Up" is a command we also use often doing therapy work. "Up" onto the bed, couch or chair next to a person with limited mobility and "paws up" when I want him to put his front paws up onto a clients lap for a hug.  As you can see in the photos Comet enjoys his "work".
The peoples faces are not clear in these pictures to protect privacy.
Christmas dog tricks!
Bugsy, always at my side.
Bug-a-roo Bugsy, as I've been calling him lately, has always been an emotional dog. His face is very expressive.  He follows me around the house everywhere I go, looking up at me. If I sit down on the couch he nestles his muzzle into my lap. If he can, he will place his paws on my lap and lift his head to mine to give a gentle lick to my nose. He is an award winning cuddler. I love this dog.
Rubber Chicken

I spent a portion of my afternoon at the Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control Open house and made a bid on one of the many silent auction items, and won! Among other things, I came home with a rubber chicken. Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control is where I adopted Bugsy from so they have a special place in my heart. Check out what Bugsy looked like when they found him. His coat was bleached out and he was a tangle of mats. I wondered if he had ever been brushed before. It took lots of treats and praise and even more patients to comb that dog out. Now, he adores to be brushed. If I get the brush out he will follow me and then sit down right at my feet.
Profile photo for the shelter

It took some time, but his bleached hair began to shed. Bugsy became a very handsome dog. But then, I am biased.  

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