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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Play sequence. Rubber Chicken!

Sometimes I find that people are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with dog play. Here is a photo sequence of my dogs playing together with our new rubber chicken.
I had thrown the chicken across the room and Comet is retrieving it. Bugsy is orienting his whole body at the chicken.

Comet is looking at Bugsy who is biting the chicken. Comet has his tail up playful and confident.

Comet looks as though he is about to play-bow. Bugsy is tugging at the chicken.

Comet moves forward and near to Harry's rear end

Active play paused. Harry turned to look at the younger dogs. My speculation is that B and C are looking away from Harry b/c they know he is not always playful and they have come very near to his hind legs which he is sensitive about.

Harry decides to play.
Harry playfully acts like he wants the chicken. And he gets it.

Harry doesn't care about the chicken unless the other dogs do. Bugsy and Comet begin to wrestle with head and mouth and Harry begins a play bow then barks.

Harry barks and rolls and opens his mouth at B and C.

Bugsy shakes and Comet looks away. They are taking a brief break from playing. Bugsy and Comet are very good at self regulating.

Bugsy tried to restart play. Comet looks away.
Comet tongue flicks. Looks at camera.

Bugsy has left room, he returns and the chicken war is on again!

Bugsy and Harry mouth wrestle as Comet watches. Comet now has the chicken.

Harry is very excited. Barking and rolling on the ground.

Bugsy goes for the chicken. Harry shakes off to calm down.

Harry invites Comet to play
Bugsy returns with the chicken

Harry is making all sorts of silly noises and stealing the show.

Harry rolls. Bugsy lays down with the chicken. Comet watches. Then, play fizzled out. Comet laid down and Harry walked away.

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