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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's in a meal? What's in a song?

 What's in a meal? In each bowl is raw ground beef.(You can also see the open bag of beef in the purple container) Two jars of dried goodies are featured. The jar to the left is full of dehydrated golden nugget tomatoes, something we had an overabundance of from the organic garden this year. In the turned over jar to the right you can see dried apple slices. Also featured, a pumpkin from the garden. Lots of these pie pumpkins are still being stored in our root cellar for people and dog food purposes. The round purple cabbage is from the farmers market and is added in small doses to meals of dog food. The bag of green is dehydrated kale also from the garden.  Put it all together and what do you get?

This lovely doggy dinner.

Have a desire to understand animals ?
This book gives insight into the lives of dogs as well as other companion, livestock, and zoo animals and is written by author Temple Grandin.
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       A Blog of note:

What does the winner of a really wacky grooming contest look like?
Check out this video from VICE.
(note: this video shows an ad before the grooming show. Some of the ads may not be suitable for children) 

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