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Sunday, December 25, 2011

For those of you interested in hearing further discussion in regards to the movie I previously linked to my blog....
Positively Podcast interview with Jemima Harrison creator of Pedigree Dogs exposed. The interview with Jemima begins 18 minutes into the podcast.

I have been looking through the catalog of photos I have now collected from the "what's for dinner?" spot light on the side of the blog. I have decided that, before I erase many of them to make room for new, I should highlight a few favorites and share a how to guide of  the dog food making I was up to Christmas Eve.

 This is really easy!
Before the oven 

 Christmas Eve morning I brought out some pumpkins from our root cellar. I cut off the tops and scraped out the seeds. I set the seeds aside for Craig to bake into a crunchy snack for us humans. Then I put about one fourth cup of water into each pumpkin and placed them onto a baking pan. Pop'ed them in the oven for about an hour at 375 degrees.

Just out of the oven

After the Pumpkins cooled I scraped out all the insides.   Any water remaining in the baked pumpkins was mixed into the scraped pumpkin mixture.
Pumpkin, applesauce, spinach
Then I poured in about 1/2 a jar of applesauce. After mixing in the applesauce I chopped 1/4 a bag of spinach and stirred that in as well. Then I froze small freezer bags of the mixture to pull out of the deep freeze as needed for dog food. After I finished this batch I made another with applesauce, pumpkin, spinach, dried cranberries and parsley, then another batch with spinach, kale, sea-meal, milk and banana. All these veggie/fruit mixtures will later be mixed with or served in addition to meat in a days doggy meal. If you don't have a root cellar full of pumpkins to bake feel free to buy canned pumpkin!
First batch. Here is the spinach, applesauce and pumpkin mixture. 

Here begins the dog food highlights of the past few months........

To the left the dog meal contains:
Raw egg and shell
Ground whole duck
Spinach, chopped
Greek yogurt-(smelled fine, looked good, but had expired, so I wasn't about to eat it myself)

 To the right--->
This meal contains:
Pork heart
Dried kale
Diced apples
Dried tomatoes
Chicken necks
Fish oil

To the left.
This meal contains:
Baked potatoes
Chicken liver
Dried apples
Egg and shell
Lettuce, diced
The lettuce, milk, egg and shell were purred in a blender with blood from the chicken liver.

To the right.
This meal contains:
Purred pumpkin
Ground beef
Egg and shell

To the left.
This meal contains:
Ground beef
Sweet potato
Whey(extract of milk left over from a home cheese making project)
Dried apple
Baked potato

Above:Pork heart, cooked carrots, apple cider vinegar and sea-meal.

To the left:
This meal contains:
Cottage cheese
Chicken thigh (bone-in)
Dried kale
Dried apple
Dried tomato
Dried basil

To the right.
This meal contains:
Raw Egg
Ground turkey
Chopped lettuce
Dried tomatoes
Dried Cranberries.

Beef bones sold in grocery store as soup bones.

Cut beef femurs from local meat market. Tennis ball to show size.

Marrow bones from the meat section of the grocery store
Bone in beef bought on sale at grocery store.

Lamb bones. A 3-pack from My Pet Carnivore.
Chunks of goat meat with some bone. From a 5lb bag ordered from My Pet Carnivore.

Meaty bones are a key ingredient in a healthy raw diet. Meaty bones help keep dogs teeth clean, breath fresh and supply necessary nutrients. Bone chewing is also an activity for your dog! Keeps them busy and they are sure to enjoy it!

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