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Friday, December 9, 2011

Play Sequence

Comets pose here was preceded my a play bow.

What is a play bow?
To the left a Labrador is play bowing.
This posture is an invitation to play.
Play fighting is playing.

You should here the sounds they are making! These two play loudly.

After this photo Bugsy and Comet both put all four feet on the ground, looked away from each other and shook. Looking away from each other and shaking off (looks similar to when a dog is shaking off water) are both calming signals. They are calming each other and themselves down which keeps this escalating ruckus play and not a fight. After a brief pause in the play the two start chasing and wrestling all over again. These two dogs are very familiar with each other. They have similar play styles and have a long standing relationship. Not all dogs can play this roughly without escalating into a fight. Some dogs love to play chase, some love to wrestle while others prefer not to play this rough. Some are quiet while these two can be very loud. Some dogs who live together, don't play together at all.
Dogs are individuals with individual play styles.

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